Tiger Woods – Indelible Name In Golf Era

The apt and most appropriate synonym for Golf is undoubtedly Tiger Woods. If it is about Golf, this name can never be missed; he is such a professional and experienced player who was awarded the best player trophy most number of times and was the highest paid athlete for close to 7 years of his golf life.

When you turn the pages of Tiger`s life, it will only be about golf in every page because he took up golf from the very early age of 2. It was his father Earl who inspired him to take up this game as his career. He is considered to be a child prodigy who was able to win many trophies at a very young age and became a professional golfer at a very early age of 20. He was able to achieve the world no.1 ranking at a tender age of 21 and he was the youngest successful golfer the game ever had. His life was very peaceful and successful for many years with name and fame and was filled with popularity and stardom until he broke up with his wife when his past life with some illegal relationships was revealed. This was a big turning point in his professional and personal life and from then on it was only a tough path for him in the game life. Within a short span of time he was pushed to the 54th ranking. But after a long struggle he was again able to grab the first place which was again only for a temporary period until he had to undergo a serious back injury.

Tiger`s iron play

Tiger Wood`s golf equipments are admired by many in the golf field. Initially when he was in the developing stages, he used a club of a normal make and there were co-players making fun of him and about his equipments. But later he started using a large headed club with graphite shaft which gave him more confidence and power to face the game`s challenge. His life was full of honors and victories and for nearly 7 to 8 years there was nobody to beat him in this game and he ruled it solely.

It was after his period, many golfers, inspired by his play, started taking up this game as their career and there are many successful names in this history. Even today, there are many clubs and associations encouraging people from outside and their own members to take up golf as a play and are trying to promote the game to a higher level. In India this game`s name and fame is slowly diminishing and the number of people who are interested in taking up this game are also very less. There are also not many golf grounds or links again discouraging the existing players to continue their sport. In other parts of the world, there are many players for this game and all of them take up this game seriously and strive hard to win trophies for their countries in tournaments. This game was initially a part of the Olympics too but had to be away from this for a period of close to 112 years. But this year, the Olympic committee is seriously considering including this game in the big event and discussions are underway.

But with so much of oppositions and denial from the professional players, who are not interested in including this in Olympics, the topic is under a debate and some of the golfers in the committee are taking all efforts to convince the players and make it a part of Olympics.

Bye To Ivor Robson and a Hi to David Lancaster and Matt Corker

Wondering what these names are and how they are related to golf? Oops, these are some of the most familiar names in golf though they are not players and if you are unaware of these names then you have wasted all your time in watching golf in vain.

Ok, for those who are still blinking, here are the details. For the past 40 years, any Golf tournament anywhere in the world started only with the voice and words of Ivor Robson. His voice was only for Golf and if it was him it had to be a golf tournament; such was his relationship with the game. He has been associated with this game for close to 40 years and it is now sadly his retirement from this `renowned voice` position. He might be aging but his voice still looks as fresh as new but for his age and experience he had to bid adieu to this game. But now the question is, is there anybody efficient enough to replace Ivor; definitely a very difficult task. And that `s why the committee instilled the responsibility of finding a replacement for his chair to Ivor himself because he will be the right person to judge and appoint a right alternate to his chair.

He was successful in bringing in two similar talents and they were David Lancaster and Matt Corker who will now adorn the prestigious seats. These people were selected for their command over the language and their finest qualities of pronouncing some difficult and tricky names of the golfers. The committee is very happy and satisfied with the new comers because they are straight from the mouth of Robson himself and hence are expected to do the best like him. Lancaster was a golfer for 30 years and later joined the Cumberwell Park Golf Club, near Bath. He was joined by Corker as an associate in his company and that`s how both became known to each other. They are now happy with their new appointment letters and are continuing the pleasure of working together. Ivor feels that these two are the right pick for the post since they have a strong background about the game and are also good at their other skills. It was of course a difficult task of selecting a replacement and it was after a long list and a time consuming process that these two were appointed by Ivor and the committee.